Expert Technical Online SupportHelp contract

We are now pleased to offer online software support for users of Adobe publishing applications: Expert Technical Online Support.

As technology continually evolves, changes affect both tools and output formats. Our experience gives us the technical expertise to provide support along with an awareness about the future direction of publishing and business communications. With an ETOS contract, your team will receive expert guidance, troubleshooting, and consultation related to the use of Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, and FrameMaker applications

Document repairHelp repair doc

Call us to review, analyse, and repair your legacy documents. Many publications suffer from years of poor editing practices that often compromise the quality and workflow of the publishing project. Document setup will be streamlined, inconsistencies corrected, styles built and applied, and the best current practices applied. Following that your production team can be trained specifically on the features used in the process. In addition, a custom step-by-step user guide can be developed for your organization to be used as a reference for the existing staff and new employees.

Section 508 accessibilityHelp Section 508 accessibility

Section 508 accessibility compliance is a law. We will help your organization meet current standards for output as a Section 508 Accessibility-compliant PDF. Following proper practices during the authoring stage of a document will eliminate the need for any extensive process of remediation in order to comply with US government standards for digital information access.

Tablet publishingHelp tablet publishing

As we move toward using mobile devices to access information, your publications may need to be delivered to varied formats. We will provide support in preparing your content files for seamless export to mobile device formats like EPUB2, EPUB3, MOBI, and more

Deadline assistanceHelp deadline

Need production deadline assistance on a temporary basis? We can help with collaborative portions or entire publishing projects that help you keep up with your deadlines

Color managementHelp color management

We can help you understand color management issues and help you setup a sensible workflow. From monitor calibration to Adobe Color Engine settings, we can help you see and print color consistently

FrameMaker consultingHelp FrameMaker support

In the unique world of technical documentation publishing using FrameMaker, we can provide structured FrameMaker authoring, consulting and production assistance, including XML 


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