Suppose you are working on a publication using InDesign CS4, and you want to share the file with a designer using InDesign CS3. But in trying to open the file in CS3, you find it won't work. Can you save to an earlier compatibility version? Yes.

CS4 exports to CS3 via XMLTry this: In InDesign CS4, choose File > Export > and then change the Save as type to InDesign CS3 Interchange (INX). This creates an xml file representing your InDesign document, and serves as a bridge to recreate the layout in InDesign CS3. Choose a File > Open command in InDesign CS3, browse to the INX file, and it will open and reconstitute itself in CS3. Be aware that some of the newest features of InDesign CS4, like GREP styles, won't survive the downgrade to InDesign CS3, but most usual layout features will do just fine.

If you want to open the resulting .inx file in CS2, you must first open the xml file (the .inx file) in any xml editor, and change the text in the header to say readerVersion="4.0"; not readerVersion="5.0". Save the change; then open the .inx file in InDesign CS2.


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